10 Shopper Trends

We have an experienced Shopper Team who have been supporting retailers and manufacturers with shopper insight over the last 20 years.

With extensive knowledge covering a wide range of categories, we are now exclusively sharing with you our 10 Shopper Trends, a FREE REPORT that summarises some of our key shopper learnings.

10 shopper trends

Has your organisation ever needed to know the answers to any of these questions?
  • What is the decision hierarchy for our category?
  • Should the fixture be merchandised by need state?
  • What role do price & promotions play in our category?
  • How do we get more shoppers into our aisle?
  • How do we increase shopper conversion rates?
  • How much POS is really needed?
  • What are the shopper’s need?
  • How do shoppers react to out of stocks?
  • How do we stimulate multiple purchases within the category?
  • What is the optimum range for our category?
  • Where are the hotspots on the fixture?

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