10 Tips When Using The Buzz Generator

We have seen an explosion on our clients using online bulletin boards such as The Buzz Generator to get closer to their consumers. Great for co-creation, collecting video / media stimulus and bringing a group of consumers together no matter where they happen to be geographically.

What’s not to love?


Download our 10 Top Tips When Using The Buzz Generator, to find out how to get even MORE from your online bulletin boards!

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Welcome to Walnut Unlimited: The human understanding agency.

Marketing Sciences Unlimited has evolved into Walnut Unlimited: The human understanding agency. At the heart of our proposition is a single concept – human understanding –underpinned with no-nonsense science to generate purposeful insights.

We want to help you better connect with your customers and believe these human insights deliver brand growth.

Created by bringing together all four of the Unlimited Group’s insight agencies: ICM Unlimited, ICM Direct, Marketing Sciences Unlimited and Walnut Unlimited we will deliver a new offer which is greater than the sum of its individual parts.

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