Review of 2015 and Preview of 2016

At the end of 2015 I was invited to join a panel for Research Live to discuss some of the highlights of 2015 and take a forward view into 2016.

Here are my thoughts. These comments also feature on Research Live 



What has been the most significant development of 2015? (technology or methodology)


A continued shift to measuring rather than asking people questions; through the use of techniques like eye-tracking, implicit tests, neuroscience, social listening and passive metering

What was 2015’s buzzword?


System 1 Measurement

What was, in your opinion, the best campaign of 2015? (either ad/ brand/ political – pick just one)


This year’s House Of Fraser Christmas advert.  This was a fabulous campaign designed by one of our sister agencies within the Unlimited Group, 18 Feet And Rising.  It rebelled against Christmas nostalgia and has offered a refreshing perspective through a high energy, hip-hop style-ad.  We’re really proud of our colleagues at 18 Feet & Rising.


What has/have been the year’s biggest success story/ies? (e.g. companies, campaigns, approaches)


The continued rise of neuroscience.  More and more companies are realising the potential of looking at how consumers engage emotionally with a brand.

Neuro 3

What has been the year’s biggest disappointment/ anti-climax?


Big data – it still isn’t being used to its fullest advantage.



What is your New Year’s resolution in 140 characters?


To deliver clear direction through clever thinking – everyday.

Clear Direction Through Clever Thinking

What do you anticipate being the biggest trend for 2016?


Mobile Wallet. It’s a trend we’ve been monitoring since 2011. Apple Pay is making the service much more mainstream and we anticipate a continued trend towards more of us using a ‘mobile wallet’

Blog, Header,mobile wallet

What companies/ brands do you think will do well in 2016?


Any based on the sharing economy – like Air BnB or Uber – since they’re rooted in true insight

Any thoughts on what 2016’s buzzword might be?


Passive measurement

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What will success look like in 2016?


The integration of passive measurement alongside existing research methods.

As the Market Research Society enters its 70th year – what issue(s) should it be championing? 


Encouraging diversification of techniques within the sector

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