The Tesco Eat Happy Project

The Tesco Eat Happy programme is a community project aimed at encouraging primary school children to learn more about food and to eat more healthily.


There are two main elements to the project:

Trails – teachers take a class to a Tesco store where a trail guide takes them behind the scenes and explains where food comes from. They get to taste food, see bread being made etc. Online teaching resources written by teachers and linked to the curriculum  support the trails.

Cookery classes teach children how to chop food safely, cook recipes such as curry and pancakes and clear up afterwards!  The Children’s Food Trust partner Tesco to help them deliver the cooking lessons.

Tesco wanted to capture experiences of the trails and cookery classes, assess the long term benefits for the children involved and understand the outcome for the brand.

We did both qualitative and quantitative research with teachers, children and parents across the UK to provide detailed feedback on the initiative.


This  enabled us to help Tesco understand and measure its success and make suggestions for improvements. This was done at both the time of delivery (with face-to-face and telephone depth interviews and children’s questionnaires) and a few weeks after completion to understand the impact on attitudes and behaviour (usng online surveys of parents and teachers alongside tele-depths with parents).

Our research provided detailed feedback for the programme team. It reported on the way in which the events were run as well as the content of the events and enabled the team to tweak elements of the programme to enhance it further for 2015.

Some quotes from our research:

“Wearing my named apron everyday and getting to taste all the food we had cooked”

“If we are out she wants to know what is in the food and how it was cooked etc and could she try it at home!”

“It’s great for the children to be able to see that fish isn’t just a finger”

And our clients were pleased too:

“Marketing Sciences have worked really closely with us providing clear outputs and recommendations that helped develop the strategy for the coming year”

(Jodi Burt, Senior Programme Manager, Tesco)


You can view more about the Farm To Fork Project by watching this video here (courtesy of Tesco)

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