A Reflection on the Jubilee Weekend

During the week to the lead up to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee weekend we asked a representative sample of 2,000 adults in Great Britain what they planned to do during the long bank holiday weekend.

Just after the bank holiday we also asked (a fresh sample set) what they actually got up and on the whole found there to be few differences in results, which just goes to show that consumers can sometimes do what they say they are going to!

However, there was one key difference between plans and reality: Watching Jubilee events on the TV, increasing from 26% pre-event to 52% post event, perhaps in part due to the wet weather experienced over the weekend.  According to the BBC the river pageant coverage drew 10.3 million viewers and the most-watched event was the pop concert, with an average of 14.7m viewers and a peak of 17m.

From our survey, 12% said had a party or small gathering at home whilst, 7% had planned to have a street party and 8% actually did.  Whereas a similar proportion again (7%) claimed to go shopping for clothes or items for the home and take advantage of the bank holiday deals and promotions.

The role of brands
Many of the big brands also ramped up their marketing spend for the weekend, with consumers expected to spend almost double than they did for the Royal wedding last year.  For the Jubilee, we saw brands bringing out a host of special edition products, with patriotic packaging, advertising or quirky product name changes for well loved brands such as Queensmill and Ma’mite.  It worked! Our research showed that in the lead up to the Jubilee weekend 23% had already bought or planned to buy specific Jubilee or British themed limited edition food and drinks.

As to patriotism, did a combination of the Jubilee events, retailer and brand marketing campaigns increase this? 49% said they felt patriotic just before the event (either very or quite patriotic) which increased significantly to 53% post event. Females as well as those aged 65+ are the most likely to feel patriotic.

What’s next?
It will be interesting to see what people plan and actually do during the Olympics, how buying behaviour changes for both FMCG and GM and indeed if the level of patriotism increases again during this time?  If you would like to find out more info about our Jubilee research do get in touch.

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Danni Findlay
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Article date - 13/06/2012
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