About Us

We are a full-service market research agency based in Winchester, UK, and we were established in 1977.

We work hard for our clients to make sure that we provide knowledge, recommendations and opportunities to take major business decisions.

We’re really proud of the work we do and we stand by our research – so you know that if you work with us, you can rely on the knowledge we give you.

We are a versatile agency so we will pick the right research tools to answer your business objective and give you clear direction.

Whether its robust numbers and insight you want, or creative solutions to questions you didn’t even know you wanted to ask, our experienced and creative team of researchers will work with you to find the answer!

Need some facts about us?

750 – we have our own fieldforce which is managed in-house by our experienced field team. We have over 750 interviewers based all around the UK, all trained to use our Android tablets for data collection.

70 – there are around 70 of us based in our HQ in the middle of beautiful Winchester. Get in touch with any of us and we’ll make sure you speak to the right person.

£10 million – our approximate annual turnover  – so you can be reassured that we are established and here to stay! Our success means we are able to invest in innovation and new ideas to ensure we keep thinking creatively about our work with our clients.

Unlimited – we are part of the Unlimited group (formerly Creston Unlimited). With a shared creative philosophy, common tools and unlimited thinking at its core, the Unlimited group brings together consultants and discipline experts from across the group and beyond. This new approach unlocks the power of creative collaboration to seize the endless opportunities that exist for brands and businesses in today’s rapidly evolving world.

Our gender pay gap report can be found here

I just wanted to reiterate how insightful and useful I thought the neuroscience debrief was. This technique will really help us to learn from the best ads we have done as well as how the weaker ads can be optimised, ensuring consistent best practise going forwards.
Natasha Laming - Strategy & Insight Manager, Danone Baby Nutrition
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Welcome to Walnut Unlimited: The human understanding agency.

Marketing Sciences Unlimited has evolved into Walnut Unlimited: The human understanding agency. At the heart of our proposition is a single concept – human understanding –underpinned with no-nonsense science to generate purposeful insights.

We want to help you better connect with your customers and believe these human insights deliver brand growth.

Created by bringing together all four of the Unlimited Group’s insight agencies: ICM Unlimited, ICM Direct, Marketing Sciences Unlimited and Walnut Unlimited we will deliver a new offer which is greater than the sum of its individual parts.

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