Another successful training day!

Thank you to all our delegates who attended Marketing Sciences’ sixth ‘Essentials of Market Research’ training day last Wednesday! It was a jam-packed session covering the gamut from questionnaire design to
qualitative research to neuroscience, digital and sensory. The sessions on our approach to packaging testing; with our ‘Guess the brand from the colour’ quiz and on Statistical Methods went down particularly well- proving that explaining correlation through the medium of David ‘The Hoff’ Hasselhoff is only ever a good idea.

Feedback from delegates was very positive, with most of the delegates feeling that the day was well organised and that they went away with knowledge that they will be able to apply in their workplace.  Another great outcome from last Wednesday is that one of our major clients has approached us to run a whole ‘Essentials of Market Research’ session only for their own staff!

Would like to take part in the next one?

What you need to know….

The training days are aimed at individuals within Insight teams who’ve had less than 2 years of market research experience and attendance is free. If you would like more information or would like to attend our next session please contact me at

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Laura Spooner
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Article date - 08/10/2012
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