Apple poised to overtake MasterCard in UK mobile wallet brand trust ratings

In our latest quarterly look into mobile wallet brand trust, Apple continues to improve its rating and is now within touching distance of MasterCard.

In the 21 months we’ve been monitoring this, while trust in all the other brands has remained largely static, Apple has improved from a figure of 18% back in summer 2014 to be trusted by fully 25% today.

Given the lack of impactful launches by Apple’s competitors in the UK, this underlines the reliability of our consumer data (we get feedback from some 1,600 UK smartphone owners via a nationally representative online omnibus survey). In other words, the static figures are what we would expect to see, barring a major security breach or corporate scandal for one of the featured brands.

Mobile wallet brand trust Feb 2016

I mentioned last time that Samsung Pay or Android Pay would probably struggle to see such gains in the same time period as they don’t have the same emotional engagement with users that Apple does – a point acknowledged by Samsung’s UK Marketing chief this week following the announcement of its new Galaxy S7 flagship device on Sunday.

However, one way for Samsung to improve brand ‘stickiness’ would be the adoption of Samsung Pay by its users, so it will be interesting to see how they promote the service to their customers. The S7 is certainly making an impact among the tech press as it builds an ecosystem, this reviewer suggesting that it’s grabbed his attention and that Samsung Pay is now a “formidable alternative to other payment services given that it works with almost every payment terminal out there”.

Personally I believe that mobile wallet is naturally better suited to a smartwatch rather than a smartphone, so I’m also monitoring the shift in attitudes towards these wearable devices and mobile payments – if you’re interested in that too, get in touch. 

Richard Snoxell is a Research Director in the Tech & Financial team at Marketing Sciences Unlimited.

Twitter: @rich7171

After this post was published, the article was featured in NFC World on 25th February 2016

NFC World

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