Are you getting the most out of your data?

Numbers are just numbers, right? Wrong. The way we visualise numbers is crucial to the way we understand them.

As researchers we are always looking for the most effective solution to provide our clients with their data needs. We also have an innovation team who are always searching for new & innovative solutions.

A number of our clients have now successfully adopted our online dashboards as a central portal for their reporting needs. Online dashboards are bespoke systems of both reporting and interrogating data.

Being online, I feel that they have many advantages including allowing multiple users to login and view the reports regardless of their geographic location and the ability to connect on any internet connected computer you have access to.


Also, with the ability to export reports into PowerPoint or Excel, being online isn’t a barrier for data requirements either. Users can have access to multiple projects through their login, which saves time and provides a uniform reporting structure which reduces training requirements also.


Online dashboards are also a really good way to interact with data. I work as part of a team who work closely with the end client to set these up so that users can really interact with the data and get to exactly the chart/table that they need.

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Owen Bigwood
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Article date - 08/07/2013
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