Marketing Sciences featured on BBC Watchdog Test House

Marketing Sciences featured in two episodes of BBC One’s Watchdog Test House recently.

BBC Watchdog Test House is an educational, mainstream programme that airs on BBC One to show how brands create the perfect product or service.

We featured twice on this programme, as our research feeds directly into the decisions that lead to results and success for big brands across the globe.


The first episode we featured in was a showcase of sensory research. We have a fantastic sensory centre in Kent and we use this to test and refine products for large brands. The BBC were interested to see how we would go about working with large brands to carry out a number of tests – for example, how they can reformulate a well-known and successful product to reduce the salt content.

Watch the video here:


The second episode we featured in was an episode that highlighted the importance of understanding your target audience when creating adverts. We use consumer neuroscience, an innovative blend of science and marketing, to help brands to decipher what makes consumers tick when watching their adverts. We use this technique to help brands make the most memorable and engaging ads possible, and to ensure that their branding messages stick with the consumer.

We hope you enjoy watching these segments. We were really pleased to feature on the BBC in this way, and hope that you find these videos informative!

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Article date - 15/04/2015
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