Better Together: The Next Generation Programme

I’d like to tell you all about an exciting new development program for young researchers within the Creston agencies that I am involved in. it’s called the Next Generation Programme.

The aim of the programme is to help us gain a better understanding of the Creston Group companies and get to know the people working there. This will help to create one cohesive group of people that consult each other to really add value to the work that we do for our clients. It will help us bring in appropriate tools from around Creston that we would not necessarily have thought about before. At the end of the programme we should be able to confidently speak to our clients about all of their research needs and the different services offered across the Creston companies.

It involves 6 of us from Marketing Sciences travelling to London to hear about the different Creston companies and get to meet the people in them. As well as this, we have been split into 6 groups of 8 and each group has been given a brief. We have to build up an answer to the brief and present it at the fifth and final session on the 25th of July. Each group contains a mix of the Creston companies e.g. one Marketing Sciences person in each one. Our brief is for Durex so it has made for some very interesting conversations!

So far we have had an introduction to the Creston group as a whole as well as sessions on the Insight and Communications divisions. The Insight session (conducted by our very own Jane, Andy, Danni and Sunita alongside ICM) gave the group an ‘insight’ into the world of research methodologies and how to select the most beneficial one(s) for our clients.

The recent Communications session was extremely informative and interesting, showcasing the work that Nelson Bostock, EMO, TMW, TRA, Now Hear This, Things with Wings and Fever do to really engage consumers with their client’s brands and highlight the communications that they do.

Our next session will focus on the Health divisions within Creston and therefore help to build up our knowledge in this sector.

The final session will be where we present our pitches to the Durex client, as well as senior members in the Creston group, so it will be interesting to see how this goes and what ideas the other teams have come up with to answer the client brief!

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Lara Clarkson
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Article date - 11/06/2013
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