Using eye tracking to uncover new insights

Recently we have received more and more requests to include a module of eye tracking within our research programmes.  As previously discussed in my blog (Eye can see you)  I consider eye tracking  to be a great tool to help provide further depth of understanding of shopper navigation and sub-conscious reactions to materials such as signage, POS etc.  Eye tracking is used to best effect as a complementary research tool alongside more traditional techniques. The below case study demonstrates how eye tracking can work alongside traditional store exit surveys and really does add value both in terms of insight as well as aiding development of in-store POS campaigns.

******CASE STUDY*******

Business Aims
Our client introduced a number of different POS materials throughout several test stores and wanted to understand which materials had the most impact and influence among shoppers in terms re-call of materials and message link up.

Marketing Sciences Solution
Quantitative store exit interviews were used to measure both spontaneous and prompted re-call of the materials and messages. In addition to the quantitative interviews we conducted a module of eye tracking research whereby a number of pre-recruited respondents were asked to conduct a typical shop wearing eye tracking glasses.

The shop was then followed up by a semi structured questionnaire checking  respondents concious re-call and message take outs. The two stages of research allowed us to identify hot spots in the store, average dwell times and review sub conscious vs. actual re-call of the materials.

Client Impact
The research identified that there were several key areas of the store where materials were most likely to be noticed, therefore the client knew where to focus building messaging in these areas. The research also identified a number of materials that could be removed from the overall package with no detriment to branding or messaging.

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Article date - 12/08/2013
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