Charity Fundraising for Muffin’s Dream Foundation

We are now in our second year of supporting Muffin’s Dream Foundation as our Charity of the Year and we are still working enthusiastically on lots of new fundraising ideas. Over the past 12 months we have hosted many different successful fundraising efforts:

  • a Grand Charity Ball which alone raised over £1000
  • a company charity day (“Yellow Day”) which raised almost £500
  • a number of smaller events including the Tour De Creston, a Race Night fundraiser, Summer Ice Cream sales and a DVD/CD sale.

We are proud to announce that these events and activities, including many more not mentioned and company donations, have all contributed to a very impressive total of £4068 donated to Muffin’s Dream Foundation.

M Dream cheque

And there’s still plenty more to come! We will be having a Rugby World Cup Kick Off event on Friday 18th September where Marketing Sciences Unlimited employees will be staying after work to celebrate the kick off of the Rugby World Cup and get in the patriotic mood ready for the England vs Fiji game later in the evening. All proceeds from food, games and face painting will be added to our Muffin’s Dream Foundation donations.

We also have a number of other fundraising ideas in the pipeline for the rest of 2015 and start of 2016, but we’ll be keeping the details of these under wraps for now!

The money that we’ve helped raise for Muffin’s Dream Foundation has gone towards a number of different areas which have really helped the Muffins children and their families. This includes:

  • Boredom buster bags for Muffins and siblings
  • Activity days for Muffins and siblings, including gymnastics / horse riding / outdoor activities / tea parties
  • Surprise dreams – a special dream come true for a seriously ill child and their family
  • Hospital or home visits for a child in hospital

The most recent donation given to Muffin’s Dream Foundation (as seen in the cheque handover picture above) is being put towards a big Christmas party for the children and their families. The money that we have raised will enable the Muffins to enjoy a fun-filled day including: a Santa, bubble & snow machines, inflatable play zone, giant Lego, table football, baby sensory, a glow-show and much more!

For more information on our charity of the year, visit

Sarah Bruce is a Research Executive in the Sensory & Product Development team at Marketing Sciences Unlimited


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Article date - 09/09/2015
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