Charity of the Year 2014 – Muffin’s Dream

For a number of years now, we at Marketing Sciences have been looking to partner up with a local charity to really make a difference.

As with many companies of our size, we have given set monthly amounts to charities, done charity days and fundraising events  and generally had a lot of fun doing it.

We have talked for a while about adopting a Charity of the Year (rather than 20-30 individual donations throughout the year) with which we can not only concentrate our financial support, but also give some of that valuable commodity – time. This not only helps the charity but also gives our staff, who would often otherwise not have the time, the opportunity to give something back to a good cause outside of work and family commitments.

We searched the local area (as it was important to us that they were local) for three deserving charities who we challenged to come up with a brief explaining what they did and how we could help them. We then launched the idea at our company day at the zoo and staff voted for their favourite charity.

All three did very well, which meant many of us really struggled to vote for who we thought we should choose for our Charity of the Year. Some of the great ideas of how we could donate our time included: locking the MD in Winchester prison and raising the bail to release her, taking a group of children to our sensory laboratory to do some taste testing and using the opportunity to talk about health and eating, sleeping out under the stars in front of Winchester cathedral and taking some young people aside and helping them with job interviews, basic computer skills and CV writing. All great ideas I’m sure you would agree.

However, the staff here liked the idea of joining up with a relatively new charity called Muffin’s Dream. This charity has been set up for disabled children in the Hampshire area and aims to support parents and siblings as well as the children themselves. Charlie Porter, the founder of the charity, explained how times are often just as tough for the families but the support is often not available for these groups. She is also as excited as we are to be joining forces to get this new venture off the ground – “We are over the moon about the partnership with Marketing Sciences and have already been thinking of some ideas about how we can use your market research expertise to help us develop our already incredibly successful boredom buster bags

We have our first meeting with the Muffins in a few weeks but until then, we all have our brains working overtime to discuss how we can help them and have some fun in the meantime. We have over a quarter of the company already signed up to get involved in the Charity Committee so it seems fair to say, it has certainly proved a popular decision.

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Danni Findlay
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Article date - 09/04/2014
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