For the last two years, Marketing Sciences Unlimited has partnered up with a local charity, Muffins Dream Foundation, to raise money and awareness in a series of fun and exciting ways.

Whether it’s hosting a glamorous charity ball or offering our time to help wrap presents at Toys R Us or holding a Spring fair or a “wear something yellow day” or scoffing cupcakes and sipping (ahem downing) cocktails all in the name of charity, we’ve helped raise an impressive £6178 for Muffins Dream over the last two years. We’re really sad to be saying goodbye to the Muffins but are following their progress keenly and can’t wait to see what they’ve got in store over the coming years.

As our partnership with Muffins Dream came to an end, the nominations were gathered and the vote took place to nominate our new charity of the year for 2016. We are excited to finally reveal the results, so without any further ado…the winner is…Simon Says!

Simon Says Logo

Simon Says is a Hampshire based charity who offer invaluable support to children and young people who have suffered a bereavement of someone close to them. They are a charity close to our hearts following the unexpected death of our colleague and new Mum herself, Rachael Rockey in 2014. In short, they look after children and young people who have lost or are losing a significant person in their life by:

– Offering information and advice to move forward with their lives without forgetting that significant person

– Running a telephone support line

– Hosting monthly age appropriate support groups

– Offering the opportunity to meet other families who have also been bereaved

– Supporting, advising and training teachers and other professionals working with bereaved children and young people

Of course, there is so much more to what this wonderful charity do so please check them out and spread the word! In the meantime, we are so excited to be supporting Simon Says and we can’t wait to get started raising money in typical Marketing Sciences Unlimited fashion! Watch this space!

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Hanna Bentley
01962 842211
Article date - 26/04/2016
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Comment by Justin
Tuesday, 13/09/2016
Hello, I am keen to find out more about your charity of the year application process if possible? I work for a local charity: Hampshire Homes for Veterans who provide supported accommodation to homeless veterans.
Comment by Amy Nichols
Friday, 23/09/2016
Hi Justin thanks for your comment. We would be interested to hear from you, our process is an annual vote where all employees vote for one of three charities. If you would like to be considered please get in touch with us in February next year and we'll be happy to chat.

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