Communication strategy in a multi-channel world

I called up a client we did some communications strategy research for a while back, to see if they might want to update it. It was for an industry body and we interviewed their members – from craftsmen to superyacht builders. Their problem was knowing which channel (magazine, letter, e-mail, roadshows, blog etc.) to be using for what kinds of information. It occurs to me this is an issue for many organisations – the classic dilemma of  what/when/how/where?

It was nice to hear the outcome – a 3-element strategy had been put in place, combining e-communication for regular news, personal contact through road-shows and out-bound phone calls to hard-to-reach members.

While the recession means that it will be a while before it can be updated, it was nice to hear some great feedback from the Marketing Manager:  “Marketing Sciences provided us with a clear view of where we were and a clear direction of where we should be going – it is still being referred to over 3 years later“!

 It really gives me a buzz when a client is so satisfied!

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Nigel Hufton
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Article date - 22/08/2013
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