Company Awayday – Theatre Royal

When we were told to meet at the local theatre for our latest company awayday and to bring an item of clothing and an object, I knew what was coming, I think everyone did. We were going to have to act. On a stage. With Lights. In front of people.


Acting is not the kind of activity that I relish. My acting experience is limited to the role of Top Cat in a school play which I completely ruined. This was much to the amusement of the parents and anguish of the teachers. I thought I’d get away with never having to ‘tread the boards’ again, I was mistaken.


Nervously awaiting our fate

In its 102 year history, The Theatre Royal in Winchester has seen some of the finest plays, musicals and comedy.  Keen not to sully the theatre’s proud history too much, we were split into 6 groups that each had to create a five minute play to demonstrate one of our six core values at Marketing Sciences Unlimited.

Clarity, Creativity, Energy, Honesty, Respect and Smile.


The nerves were palpable as the groups congregated and found a quiet corner of the theatre in which to write and rehearse our masterpieces. My group was given the value of Respect.

After a few hours of brainstorming, writing, rehearsing and costume design, we met back at the theatre, took our seats and prepared to take the stage, one group at a time, to perform our creation. What followed were six short plays which were equally hilarious and surreal, which all clearly defined the core values that we had set out to portray. Everyone got involved and there were some surprisingly accomplished acting performances too. Personally, I was little more than an extra wrapped in tin foil and wearing one of those Australian hats with the corks. I think I said the words ‘Thank You’ but it’s a bit of a blur. Here we are below looking like a nightmare from a David Lynch film.



Me (right) giving the performance of a lifetime

When all the performances were finished we voted for the ‘People’s Choice Award’ for best play. The winning team were Team Smile who put together a play about a dystopian near future where smiling had been outlawed by The Smile Catcher. It was very imaginative and funny and not nearly as harrowing as it sounds.



Team Smile running from the Smile Catcher

As the curtain came down on the day we made the short trip to the pub to celebrate a job well done. There were many things that we could all take away from the day. For me, it was good to work as a team on a project that, at first, was unfamiliar and daunting but by the end of the day we had successfully achieved our objective by being creative and working together.

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Article date - 05/05/2016
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