Competition is high at the MAA industry Triathlon

Almost a year ago, history was made at Eton Dorney Lake during the Rowing events of the London 2012 Olympics, and now it was Marketing Sciences’ turn to leave its legacy!

On July 5th 2013, the Marketing Agencies Association (MAA) triathlon took place, with just under 100 teams taking part in the three quarter relay triathlon, including 3 from Marketing Sciences and a total of 24 teams from Creston Companies. It was a great opportunity to meet up with, and compete in a friendly (sort of!) way against the other Creston teams and those from other Marketing companies.

The three quarter relay triathlon involved a different member of staff taking on each of the three events; an 800m open water swim, a 32km cycle and a 7.5km run.

It was the hottest day of the year so far and up first were the swimmers, donning their wetsuits they entered the water ready for the deep water start, and as the claxon sounded they were off, being careful to avoid any flailing limbs of the other swimmers!  Once they completed the half mile course they then had to surge out of the water and take the short sprint to back to their base and pass the electronic baton onto the cyclists.

The cycle was a gruelling 6 laps, and with so many people speeding past it was hard to keep track of how our teammates were getting on! As the runners waited in anticipation in the transition area it was a mad panic when they returned and the baton was passed on for the final leg of the race.

The runners faced a tough 3 laps made ever harder by the heat, but with the crowds cheering them home it wasn’t long before they all crossed the finish line and all the hard work was over.

Before everyone could completely collapse, it was time for the results and tensions were high between the more competitive at Creston! Two Creston teams did make it onto the podium, in 2nd place was The Real Adventure and at 3rd, EMO, with Marketing Sciences’ highest ranking team coming in at an impressive 5th place overall (3rd out of Creston).

A great day was had by all and everyone is already looking forward to next year when we hope to improve on this year’s great performance, and more importantly, get to the top of the Creston podium!

Outstanding Marketing
Sciences performances included:

Andy Myers -3rd out of the water in the Swim

Nigel “in his 50s” Hufton – Completed the Cycle in a superfast 55 minutes

Ian Ralph – 4th fastest for the run section overall

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Article date - 17/07/2013
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