Designing great packaging to support product launches (Packaging News)

It isn’t too difficult to find an article in the media these days talking about the recession being behind us and increased optimism among business owners.

Whether this optimism will continue throughout 2016 is debatable, but at Marketing Sciences Unlimited we are certainly seeing an increase in new product development among our clients, and with that a need to identify a winning pack solution.

If the brand owner doesn’t have deep pockets to support the launch, the pack may well be the only medium for driving awareness of your brand and communicating your proposition, so it’s crucial that it is effective

But how can packaging best support a product launch, and what are the challenges brand owners face when identifying the launch design?

Actually the role of packaging for NPD is no different from that for existing brands – disrupt shopper behaviour by grabbing attention, identifying the brand, communicate a point of difference and stimulate desire in the product.

The challenge for marketers is how to recognise great packaging, rather than simply choose the best of what you’re presented with.

Over the years we’ve tested thousands of new packs and many examples of packaging for new products. This experience shows that packaging for a new product behaves differently to one for an existing brand.

Achieving breakthrough, or ‘pop’ at the fixture is key to success, but benchmarking potential packaging designs against an existing brand familiar to shoppers is not recommended as it’s not comparable, so we use normative data from other new product launches to guide brand owners as to whether their potential pack is popping sufficiently well enough.

With packaging for a new brand your design agency has a blank canvas to work on – no brand identifiers that need to be retained to ensure recognition among existing buyers that can hinder creativity. The benefit of this is better standout on-shelf once consumers know what to look for.

Once seen the pack then needs to be purchased but aiming to match an existing competitor brand at this early stage can prove optimistic. Normative data can guide you so you can accurately know what to expect from the pack in terms of how many people pick it up from the shelf, and how many place it in their basket.

We all want product innovations to be successful. An innovative and creative packaging design can make the difference between a winning product and a failing product. Is that a risk you are willing to take?

 Packaging News - pack supporting NPD

Chris Peach

Head of Packaging & Design, Marketing Sciences Unlimited

This Article Originally Featured in Packaging News

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Article date - 16/12/2015
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