Embracing Insight Innovation in the Modern World

Becca gives us the low-down on Marketing Sciences’ recent ‘Embracing Insight Innovation in the Modern World’ workshop, just one in the series of our very own School of Thought client training programme.


Recently, the School of Thought at Marketing Sciences Unlimited hosted an ‘Embracing Insight Innovation in the Modern World’ workshop with a range of clients. We have run this popular workshop many times, as attendees love to hear about the cutting edge methods we are using as well as the thinking around how consumers are changing with digital being an essential part of modern life. We aim to help attendees broaden their research toolkit to ensure they are using the most appropriate method to access insights about their customers.

The workshop is designed for those who have been within the research industry for a few years or more, and who have knowledge of core methods which we cover in our beginners’ session ‘Essentials of Market Research’.

I caught up with Ian, one of the expert speakers on the day, so he could explain how his session went:


The first main session of the day focussed on the impact of social media and digital identities on market research – leading to a lot of interesting debate.  As well as looking at some of the more commonly used social media tools for research (i.e. social media monitoring, social media ROI & online communities) we looked at the impact of how we use social media on the type of insights we can gather, and how we should interpret them.  Key to this was whether an individual’s ‘digital identity’ on any one social media platform is an accurate reflection of their true self, whether you need to monitor an individual’s various ‘personas’ across all their social media platforms to build up a true picture, or whether these online identities can ever be considered a true reflection of self.  What do you think?

Next up on the agenda was the issue of ‘mobilising research’.  As we’ve often said, mobile is not a methodology, it is merely another way to communicate and access online services.  However, the mobile nature of these devices, the fact we take them everywhere as well as the intimate relationships we have with them opens up valuable new avenues of insights.  Of particular interest to the group was the use of the emerging passive techniques to learn more about consumers without the need to for questioning and recall:

  • Passive monitoring of devices to understand the mobile digital footprint of consumers as the go about their daily lives
  • Geo-fencing of specific areas or stores to trigger surveys for consumers in the moment of truth
  • The use of wearables to monitor consumers’ emotional responses to experiences

However, this also opened up a discussion around privacy, data protection and the intrusion of brands asking too much of their customers in the interest of delivering a better product or service.  Not one that we were able to solve in our short session, but it certainly provided food for thought.

We have one more session left to run for the spring term, which explores the world of neuroscience and the subconscious mind, discovering how this applies to market research.

We will be running the full School of Thought programme in the summer, with dates released soon. The School of Thought team would love to see you then!

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Article date - 09/04/2015
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