Essentials of MR Training Day – What is it all about?

So we start with coffee, then some research methods then a bit more coffee, then research methods, then a bit more coffee, then research methods, then lunch, then coffee and home.

A heady cocktail of caffeine and information is what we deliver on our training days and it was no different for the latest ‘Essentials of Market Research’ day.

We kicked off the day with the numbers bit- I took ‘Quantitative Research Methods’ so caffeine was definitely needed before and after. Delegates got a chance to play on the tablets our interviewers use and learnt about questionnaire design. I.e. why ‘Do you agree that Downton Abbey is reallygood’ is not a balanced way to ask a question.

Guy Maxwell navigated the mysteries of qualitative research and the importance of ‘why’ in his session before our very own MD Jane shone a light on the statistical wizardry used to turn the cogs of research. Then it was time for a well earned if blowy lunch break overlooking Winchester Cathedral on our roof top terrace.

Taste buds were tested after lunch with Debbie our sensory expert who’d travelled down from our specialist sensory unit in Westerham, Kent.

Then Ian, one of our directors got technical in the world of digital research, exploring (among other topics) the applications  of neuroscience. After the obligatory coffee & biscuit break, Chris rounded it off with an amble through the aisles of packaging research.

Thanks to everyone who came! We’re looking forward to our next one now; we have them every 2 months or so, so if you are interested in attending or sending a member of your team do get in touch. It’s a good grounding in the basics of research so it’s most useful for those with under 2 years’ experience or those in a different area keen to expand their knowledge.

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Laura Spooner
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Article date - 25/09/2014
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