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I’m really pleased to announce that Marketing Sciences Unlimited has been awarded the Fair Data Partner Accreditation from the Market Research Society (MRS), as an independent acknowledgement that we take personal data really seriously.


Marketing Sciences Unlimited hosted the MRS Roadshow at our offices in Winchester recently; meeting with the ever enthusiastic and committed MRS team inspired us to go for the formal accreditation.



Whilst we have used and collected personal data for the last 30 years and always treated it appropriately, within the guidelines of the MRS Code of Conduct and Data Protection Act, it is more powerful to have this affirmed externally. It gives our clients and members of the public security that we take this responsibility seriously.

Trust is vital to our business, and how we use and secure the data is central to that trust. It is amazing, although probably not surprising, just how much data is held on each of us just by performing everyday tasks. With the advent of ‘big data’ sets, there is more responsibility on organisations to ensure it is both accurate and secure.

The MRS have been fantastic in championing the fact that their members and partners take data security, accuracy and integrity seriously. We are in a world where genuine market research is often tarnished by the dubious activities of ‘sugging’ and ‘frugging’ (Selling and Fund Raising Under the Guise of market research) and it is important that we remain above this; such accreditations serve to prove our commitment to this.



With impending EU data protection reforms coming in the next few years, we all need to step up to being more responsible and demonstrate our commitment to best practice. The MRS is devoted to being active in this arena and we believe that the Fair Data accreditation will become a recognised stamp of approval, not limited to the world of market research.

It is certainly worth the time and effort to secure the certification and important to show our clients and the public that we are committed to treating their data fairly. Now we don’t just have to say ‘you can trust us’ – we can prove it!

Marketing Sciences is a Company Partner of the MRS and is now Fair Data accredited.

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Danni Findlay
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Article date - 10/08/2015
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