The MAA Marketing Industry Triathlon 2014

Last Friday, five of us set off for Dorney Lake to take part in the 2014 MAA Marketing Industry Triathlon.

The weather could not have treated us better, with only a few drops of rain first thing in the morning and a nice fresh breeze to keep us cool for the rest of the day.

When we reached the site, our very well organised colleagues from Creston had set up a nice team base camp fully equipped with energy gels, sports drinks, energy bars, snacks and fruit to keep us going throughout the day.


There was a great turnout from all the Creston companies with a total of 16 teams taking part in the team sprint relay covering:

750m – Swim in Dorney Lake

20Km – Bike ride

5Km – Run

2014 was certainly a great year for Creston with four agencies taking home the top four positions in the team sprint relay and a first place for Justin Moody, our super fit Director of Tax at Creston, in the Classic Triathlon.

Our two teams from Marketing Sciences achieved 51st place for the ‘Tri-Scientists’ – Sadie (swim), Nigel (bike) and Becky H. (run) completing in  1hr and 21min and 61st place for the ‘Young Wintonians’ – Marta (swim + run) and Owen (bike) completing in 1hr and 24min.


It was a fantastic day out of the office for all of us and a great opportunity to get to know colleagues from other agencies in an informal setting.

With the MAA Marketing Industry Triathlon gone, we look forward to the Tour de Creston coming up this weekend. We will be cycling all the way from TRA Bristol offices through the Isle of White, and back up to Creston’s London offices in three mad days of cycling. Keep an eye on our Twitter account for live updates!

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Article date - 04/07/2014
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