The Future of Retail at Unlimited’s Tech Expo

Marketing Sciences Unlimited and Walnut Unlimited once again had the chance to show how we are keeping innovation and clever thinking at the heart of our research through another successful Tech Expo from the Unlimited group.

From virtual reality to brain scanning to energy-generating flooring, Soho had all-things-tech on the 21st and 22nd November for the annual Tech Expo! From the moment we walked in, we were exposed to a plethora of innovation through tech. By taking a step in the bright direction with their multifunctional flooring system, Pavegen were highlighting how technology can utilise footsteps, have a look! Then we were introduced to truly remarkable ultrasound applications from Ultrahaptics, allowing humans to make interactions with virtual objects from mid-air gestures.

Marketing Sciences Unlimited were showcasing the value of incorporating science and technology in market research. At our Sensory Science Centre, we help retail clients at all stages of their product life cycle – from the factory, to store, to customers’ homes, as well as new product development. At the expo, Debbie Parker and Laura Ablett were donning their lab coats demonstrating the skills of sensory panellists and their high sensory acuity.

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Richard Snoxell, Ian Ralph and Abi Olingschlaeger presented our Reflected Life panel which was developed just over a year ago with fellow insight agency ICM Unlimited. Reflected Life is a digital passive measurement tool that allows us to track and understand the digital footprint of consumers across all their devices to get a clear understanding of customer journeys.

creston_techexpo2016-21-11-16-0529 creston_techexpo2016-21-11-16-0535

There was also an opportunity to get up close and personal with your brain with our Neuroscience consultancy, Walnut Unlimited. The Expo provided the opportunity to explain how brands can generate stronger emotional connections with their consumers through the various tools on show, such as the Eye Tracker, EEG and GSR (and true to form, Walnut held on to their title for most number of monitors that could fit in one expo stand!).

creston_techexpo2016-21-11-16-0315 creston_techexpo2016-21-11-16-0522  creston_techexpo2016-21-11-16-0590

In the evening, Danni Findlay, head of retail at Marketing Sciences Unlimited delivered a brilliant talk on the Future of Retail. Danni presented alongside Diane Denham from Insight Out (formerly head of research at Tesco) 6 predictions on the future of retail. Those predictions ranged from understanding how personalisation will affect retailers in the future, to discussing the opportunities for retail that lie in augmented reality through to 3D printing!


We were very grateful to present some of science and technology we use here at Marketing Sciences Unlimited and Walnut Unlimited. See you next year, Techperts!


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Article date - 25/11/2016
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