Creston Next Generation – Day 4: Health

Day 4 of the Next Generation programme and the four of us taking part from Marketing Sciences set off for a drive in the sunshine to Richmond to find out about Creston’s Health Division.

Kicking off the day was Catherine Warne, CEO of the Health division, who gave us a brief introduction to the 10 companies that make up Creston Health.

We then heard from different people from a number of the Health companies, including Red Door Communications, PAN, Liberation, DJM, and ROCK Medical Communications. It was really interesting to hear about the creative and engaging ways in which the companies have been able to communicate different health campaigns and pharmaceutical products, in spite of the strict regulations that must be adhered to within the health industry.

After hearing about the different agencies, it was time for lunch and despite being at the “health” offices our lunch was far from healthy, with a huge spread of pizzas straight from the local takeaway – what a treat!

After lunch, we split up into our teams where we were assigned a Guru Director from one of the health agencies. Each director was there to help us identify the ‘single most important thing’ that’s prevalent amongst our target audience when thinking about having bad skin (this was all-important given our Clearasil brief) and how this could help shape our campaign.  This was really useful and also gave our team some reassurance that we were on the right track with our idea.

We then re-joined the rest of the teams where we were asked to discuss that single most important thing we had identified amongst our groups. However, showing that the competition is really heating up, the teams remained very tight lipped to ensure they didn’t give too much away about their idea to the other groups.

With the sun still shining, we split off once more into our groups for the rest of the afternoon. Finding ourselves in a nice spot outdoors and with a nice cold pint (non-alcoholic of course!), we discussed the insights we had gathered since the previous session and started to pin down our campaign idea.

With this being the last session ahead of the pitches in two weeks’ time we were keen to start thinking about our approach to the presentation and making sure we delivered on the requirements set out in the brief.

We expect the next couple of weeks to be very busy with plenty of conference calls to keep in touch with the rest of the team, who are based across the different Creston Offices. Look out for our next blog to hear how we did on the day pitching to the Creston directors and the client! Fingers crossed it all goes well!

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Becky Hutchins
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Article date - 02/07/2014
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