Creston Next Generation – Day 5: Pitches

And finally the Next Generation pitch day had arrived. All of our work over the past few months was going to come together in one 20 minute presentation. We were all filled with a mixture of emotions: nervousness, excitement, tiredness, and a little sadness that the time with our respective ‘Next Gen’ teams was coming to an end.

After a very short welcome back and quick overview of the day’s schedule we were all keen to split off into our groups and make any last minute touches to our pitches. Armed with a time slot in the afternoon to return and deliver the pitch, each team quickly grouped together and disappeared into separate rooms. My team spent all morning finalising our PowerPoint slides and discussing our whole approach to the brief one last time to ensure we were all on the same page. After a quick lunch of nibbles provided by Creston, we returned to our team rooms to practise the actual presenting of our pitches. The 6 teams had been allocated one of 3 time slots throughout the afternoon as the presentations were split between 2 rooms. My group would be one of the last to present and our unfortunate location of being next to one of the presentation rooms meant our nerves began to build more and more as we heard laughing and clapping from the room next door.

When the time finally came to present our pitch we found it was much less nerve-racking than we had thought! We presented to a handful of Directors from across Creston who seemed to be both entertained by and interested in our pitch. They then gave us feedback and asked us questions which my team were well equipped for and we left the room feeling pretty positive about how it had gone.

The positivity was obviously well-founded as half an hour later we were told that we had made it through to the final two teams. We would be presenting our pitch again, this time to all of the other ‘Next Gen’ teams and a Clearasil client himself! Using the feedback we had received from our first presentation we made a few final tweaks to our pitch and headed back to the presentation room to face a much bigger audience. We faced tough competition; all of the teams had done really well and came up with some innovative ideas, in the end my team were very pleased to take second place!

After a big ‘Next Gen Class of ’14’ group picture and the presentation of the winners we all headed up to the ‘5@10’ bar to celebrate a successful few months of hard work, team-building, and new friends. We’ve all learnt a lot during our time on the ‘Next Generation’ programme, about all of the different companies within Creston, the people within them and the techniques and abilities involved all across the group. All in all, I’ve found this whole experience very interesting, rewarding and enjoyable. I hope that this will lead us all to keep in touch and continue to work “better together”!

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Sarah Bruce
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Article date - 06/08/2014
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