Goodbye to the MRS Advanced Certificate!

If you cast your mind back to September, you may remember my blog entry about the new staff at Marketing Sciences and starting the Market Research Society Advanced Certificate Qualification.

I can now proudly say along with my six co-workers we have completed the MRS Advanced Certificate course (results pending!).

Not long after the New Year, whilst still recovering from the Christmas break indulgence, we all finalised our integrated assignments. But we couldn’t relax for long, because the exam element of the certificate was a matter of weeks away!

Through the last few months of 2012, senior staff from across the business ran lessons on their areas of specialism, all linked to the course structure. After these substantive lessons, we had a go at some practice MRS Advanced Certificate questions under exam conditions. These were not only useful to understand what questions expected of us, but to practice writing to time (something some of us are a little out of practice of – it’s been a while since University!).

On Wednesday 30th January, a bright and rain-free morning, we all joined the London commuters on the trains to London. We then had to navigate the London underground which is not an easy task with the crowds! The exam took place not far from Euston station, at the University of London Union.

We had 2 hrs 30 minutes to complete the paper in which we had 3 questions to answer. The first question was compulsory, which we all agreed was quite tricky. However, the optional questions were much kinder to us leaving us pleased with how we had done.

During the MRS Advanced Certificate exam we were tested on a wide range of topics including the MRS code of conduct, research methodology and our favourite – sampling plans.
We could all breathe a sigh of relief when the clock struck 12.30 and we were told to stop writing, our hands were even more pleased after an intense session of speed writing.

And in a flash back to our student days, after leaving the exam hall a consensual plan of action to go to the ‘pub’ began!

MRS Advanced Certificate Results are due in April, so fingers crossed all round!

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Article date - 11/02/2013
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