The Great MSL Pie Off

It appears that Marketing Sciences has been hiding a collective talent for some time, that talent being the one to bake pies, and boy do we bake well.

Friday 7th March saw the first ‘Great MSL Pie Off’ take place with a magnificent array of sweet and savoury pies on display and a superb total of 15 entries to judge.

Pies were initially divided into Sweet & Savoury sections, each with a different judging panel carefully selected from (in the Savoury section) those who couldn’t be bothered to bake, but were more than happy to consume “all the pies”.

A collective surge towards the office oven over, Round 1 kicked off in a packed Breakout room with the following mouth-watering selection:

  • Chicken and ham
  • Steak and Kidney
  • Cheese and Onion
  • Corned Beef and potato
  • Steak and Ale

Matt’s stunning Steak and Ale not only was the clear choice of the judges, but also the consuming audience too, although it has to be said that they were all fantastic.


Excitement piqued by the savoury section, a salivating crowd gathered for the Sweet Section with a baying public eager to taste more from the following:

  • Apple
  • Apple
  • Apple & Blackberry
  • Chocolate Pecan Lattice
  • Lemon Meringue
  • Fruit Pie
  • Plum Pie

In this round, the narrowest of gaps (a mere point) divided Nigel’s apple pie from the winner, Andy’s Hairy Bikers’ Fruit Pie.

3rd place was subsequently disqualified on the grounds that it wasn’t technically a pie and wasn’t made by the unnamed contestant.

MSL branded pie

A phenomenal £105.32 was raised for charity and much fun was had.  We await with great excitement our ‘Quiches and Tarts’ competition.

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Matt Drodge
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Article date - 13/03/2014
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