One of the best companies to work for – it’s official

Last night, ten excited, snappily-dressed Marketing Sciences employees attended the ‘Sunday Times Top 100 Best Small Companies to work for’ awards dinner. This was the first time we had entered and so we were extremely pleased to make the Top 100 (as well as slightly apprehensive to find out exactly how well we had done). The ten of us (a nicely representative group of researchers, the field team, accounts and data analysers) who had been selected randomly to attend,  eagerly made our way up Battersea Evolution to start the event at 7pm.

Following a champagne reception and sit-down meal (always appreciated by employees of Marketing Sciences) we were left in the capable hands of our hosts for the night: a heavily pregnant Kate Silverton,  Dominic O’Connell, the Business editor of the Sunday Times, and Jonathan Austin, the founder and CEO of Best Companies. They did a good job of rattling through the 6 special awards, each presented to a winner from both a small company and a not for profit organisation, as well as and the Top 5 in each category.

Then, a little later than scheduled (much to the disappointment of keen employees around our business who were keeping in touch by text!), they announced the all-important order of the Top 100.

I can honestly say it was a heart-racing experience. Dramatic music, stage lighting and X Factor style voice-over at the ready, the position of all one hundred companies were announced. To keep tension at a maximum, the results started at 100 and began to count down to 1.

For us, it went something like this…

100 – OK, so we were not last (even though 100 is still a great achievement, but we wanted better!)

90 – no call yet, so we are in the top 90

80, 70, 60 – the same response, pulse rate on the increase

50 – a big cheer from the Marketing Sciences table for making the top 50

40,30,20 – wow, we are in the top 20!

Part of me wanted to see our logo appear on the screen as soon as possible (so I could sit down and breathe) but each reveal that wasn’t us was a massive accolade to the hard work everyone had put in over the past year. And even though it’s a cliché to say it, it made it all the more special that it had been voted for by our employees, the people who really count.

So, there we were – the 14th best small company to work for. What an amazing achievement! The researcher in me wants to say ‘of those sampled’ but we really are – and we have the trophy to prove it!

Times 100 blog image

Thank you to everyone who organised the event, everyone who completed the questionnaire and contributed to the application (this is sounding a little like the acceptance speech I didn’t get to do!) and everyone who works at Marketing Sciences. Such a title is, it’s safe to say, something we feel is very well deserved.

The supplement will be out on the 9th March and it can also be viewed on the website and through the Best Companies app.

Me? I’m just happy to look at the trophy.

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Danni Findlay
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Article date - 27/02/2014
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Comment by Rach
Thursday, 27/02/2014
Fantastic ... Jolly well done!
Comment by Carol Cunliffe
Friday, 28/02/2014
Great news and you are a happy team to work with guys Well done to all of you. Its a pleasure being a small part of your team
Comment by Sheila Sweeney
Friday, 28/02/2014
Congratulations everyone ! Great stuff!
Comment by Janice Aitken
Saturday, 01/03/2014
Well done from all of us North of the Border
Comment by Dinah Bisdee
Friday, 28/03/2014
What a great achievement and well deserved I'm sure. I have happy memories of working at Marketing Sciences.

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