Help Feed Those in Need – A Case Study

Research has revealed that almost one in ten people in the UK have skipped meals, gone without food to feed their family or relied on family or friends for food in the last year.

Tesco are working with two charities, FareShare and the Trussell Trust, for the ‘Help Feed People in Need’ campaign which took place across the country in December and helped provide much needed food for people last Christmas. But before launching the ‘Feed People in Need’ initiative, Tesco were keen to establish the extent of “food poverty” across the UK and how these people were being affected. 

We conducted over 2,000 telephone interviews with men and women from across the UK to establish how many people are in “food poverty” and how this has affected the way they feed themselves and their families.

Our research showed that food poverty is more widespread in the UK than many people would have thought. Seven percent of people have skipped meals because they couldn’t afford enough food and of these people, over half of these people were forced to go without food for two days or longer. Eight percent of people have relied on friends and family to provide them with food.

We also discovered that nearly one in every three people across the UK have had to change their food behaviour in the last 12 months because they could not afford the food they needed, with the rising cost of living being blamed for these issues with 51% of people interviewed saying this is the main cause.

With Christmas being a time of year where a lot of us are probably be guilty of eating too much food, it’s great that we are conducting research which will help benefit those less fortunate than ourselves this festive season.

A massive well done to The Trussell Trust, Fareshare and Tesco for organising a two-day donation scheme just before Christmas whereby Tesco customers could give non-perishable food to be passed to those in need. This is apparently the largest food collection ever undertaken in the UK, with donated food valued at almost 2 million, including approximately 600,000 worth of goods donated by Tesco.

Well done to all who contributed!

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Matt Drodge
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Article date - 27/02/2013
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