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We’re passionate about helping brands succeed, and understand the significance of associated claims. Product claims are at the heart of your brand. They are the communication of the unique benefit of your product for consumers. Key to driving trial, your product’s claims need to motivate consumers to purchase your brand. Key to success is that your claims also need to be believable and strike an emotional conviction at the sub-conscious level.  The synergistic benefit of delivering on both is considerable.


Working closely with our neuroscience experts Walnut Unlimited, we build System 1 thinking into much of our work, and we understand the value of claims that deliver on motivation, believability and which are emotionally convincing.  We have seen claims that consumers state they find motivating, yet implicit testing shows that they are not convinced by the claim at an emotional or sub-conscious level – this will inhibit product trial and perhaps even perceived performance.

Consumers are ever-more savvy and expect transparency. Yet consumers have only milliseconds to make decisions; therefore claims need to deliver, and quickly.



As experts in early stage NPD, we focus on the unknown – white space, claim space/ territory identification. With the plethora of claims to which we are exposed how do we help businesses or brands to find something new? Let us join forces with your teams to collaboratively co-create ideas to provide opportunity and choice. About which element of your product should we make the claim – the reason to believe, health credentials, performance credentials or perhaps the packaging? Within each specific area there are abundant choices – but which fit best with your brand and which will make your brand stand out vs the competition in each market?



We’re so excited that our approach now combines both a more explicit ranking of appeal with the emotional conviction of the claim (using our neuroscience tools). This has delivered some very exciting results for our clients. We have really been able to pull apart the claims that deliver on purchase motivation as well as believability at the sub-conscious level from those that, while still motivating at a conscious level, are not emotionally convincing at the sub-conscious level.  Claims that may have delivered and been selected rationally are being deselected in favour of those that really deliver emotionally. We have been able to identify specific elements within a claim or positioning statement that really resonate with consumers. This can also differ significantly by market.




Much of our work includes testing products with consumers to ensure they believe that products deliver on the claim being made. We work closely with your internal teams to ensure that valid claims can be made within each market in which you wish to make the claim. Detail here is key. For example, who do you wish to target with the claim? Many claims are made vs. a competitor product and we need to take into account that the competitor may either challenge the claim or change their own formulation so that the claim no longer is valid.

With the enormous investment necessary to support successful brands we are working with client companies to drive this achievement through perfect value positioning that is both motivating and credible.

If you’d like to discuss any of your product development challenges please give us a call.

Sara is a Research Director at Marketing Sciences and an expert in claims testing

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Sara Spinks
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Article date - 23/09/2016
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