Becoming an Honorary Fellow of the University of Winchester

What an amazing morning! Walking through the grounds of Winchester Cathedral you could feel the energy bursting from those gathering for the University of Winchester graduation ceremony. Excited students buzzing about in their gowns surrounded by proud parents and friends in a stunning setting and in beautiful autumn sunshine. For many of those graduating it was the end of a long journey of exams and assessments and they certainly meant to celebrate and make the most of the occasion.

I was delighted to be asked to be an Honorary Fellow of the University of Winchester and to take part in the graduation ceremony. I joined a procession of academics and local dignitaries including the Mayor of Winchester, The dean of the Cathedral and the Chancellor of the University, Alan Titchmarsh! I was accompanied by Professor David Birks, dean of the School of Business, Law & Sport. As we entered the Cathedral the sun shone through the stained glass windows and the beauty of the setting was striking.  It is a very impressive building and to see it full of enthusiastic graduates and their guests was inspiring.

As each graduate came forward to receive their degree they joy and sense of achievement was evident on their faces. It was a privilege to be part of it.

The University of Winchester has grown considerably in recent years and now comprises 8,000 students including a very successful business school. There is a close relationship between students and academic staff leading to exceptionally high levels of student satisfaction. The innovative nature of the business school, its close links with industry, the introduction of new courses such as Degree Apprenticeships suggest a very bright future indeed!

We at Marketing Sciences would like to share with you the Chancellor’s Encomium that was read out when Jane received her Fellowship. We couldn’t be prouder!


“Chancellor – Jane Rudling was nominated for a University Fellowship as she exemplifies the qualities of responsible leadership that we hold dear and espouse in our Business School and the University. Jane graduated in Mathematical Statistics and is a Data Analyst par excellence – but she offers us far more. In 1993 she joined Marketing Sciences, a small privately owned Winchester based Research Company as a Research Executive. She has risen to be the Managing Director of Marketing Sciences (now better known as Marketing Sciences Unlimited) that now employs over 60 researchers covering a breadth of quantitative, qualitative and sensory research methods now including neuroscientists all for major blue chip clients.

Marketing Sciences, like the University are a values led organisation – I’d like to share with you what those values are:


  • Smile – everyone should enjoy their work and share that enjoyment
  • Energy – applied to all they do, a ‘can do’ attitude
  • Honesty – even when research findings may not be what clients want to hear
  • Respect – for research participants, clients, each other and others in their community
  • Clarity – clear thinking, clear expression
  • Creative – embrace new ideas and strive to deliver creative solutions

The values of Marketing Sciences are spelt out, big and bold in their meeting rooms. As you walk into their reception you see a picture of their employee of the month who has best embodied one of their values – and why. You will also see and feel their collective commitment and engagement with a nominated charity; currently the Basingstoke based Muffin’s Dream – a charity that supports disabled children and their families.


Jane has managed the transition of Marketing Sciences as an inspirational and creative leader; she generates light for her clients and her team. Marketing Sciences are at the cutting edge of practice and thinking in the research industry and we are so fortunate that they are on our doorstep and able to work with the Business School and the University.


Chancellor I present to you Jane Rudling for an Honorary Fellowship of this University.”

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Article date - 21/10/2015
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