How can retailers connect emotionally with their customers?

Recently we have seen a trend among our clients to strive towards increasing engagement within the store environment and build emotional connection with their categories, to stand out from the crowd.

Clients are increasingly looking for new and interesting ways of doing this and you can see why when 39% of us consider shopping for food and groceries to be a complete chore; this is significantly higher among men than women as well as those aged 45-54 years old. 

15% consider food and grocery shopping to be boring and 14% say it is hard work. 

This all means shoppers want to get in and out of the store as quickly as possible and increasing linger time is all the more challenging.

Engagement in-store

Engagement in-store can be achieved in many ways, with a good starting point being changes at the fixture. By this we don’t mean plastering the shelves with yet more POS or special deals and offers, but more subtle and theatrical changes such as use of headboards or different lighting to create ambience, coloured or different shelving to create a different look and feel to the area and make shopping easier for customers.  We know the length of the time shoppers spend at the fixture is short and opportunity to influence limited but by making the experience a more engaging one they are more likely to wake up from sleep shopping mode, notice product alternatives and feel comfortable spending time browsing at the fixture.

Emotional connection
Hand in hand with engagement is building an emotional connection with shoppers, which in turn leads to increased likelihood of repeat purchase. Price is often a key driver of purchase choice but it is not the only factor and we must try to appeal to shoppers on another level.  This is not in a fluffy airy fairy sense of emotion but through appealing to customers rational side and justifying the need for the product and how it will benefit the consumer beyond value for money.

This will become more and more important as today’s younger shoppers become tomorrows key consumers.  We already know that younger consumers are much more considered in their decisions than other generations highlighting the importance of providing positive re-enforcement and product benefits i.e. credibility, status, quality, service or convenience.

To find out more or for more information on our TEN TRENDS IN FOOD & GROCERY SHOPPER RESEARCH please contact me on 01962 835419.

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Amy Nichols
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Article date - 07/05/2013
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