IBD Brewing Sensory Workshop

As Marketing Sciences Unlimited’s own Doctor of Beer, I was one of speakers at a Sensory & Product Development Workshop organised jointly by the Institute of Brewing & Distilling (IBD) and the European Union.


The workshop, which was attended by an enthusiastic group of brewers, was held at the Biosciences and Brewing Centre of Nottingham University’s Sutton Bonnington Campus. Throughout the day, the attendees saw a range of talks spanning the roles of malt, hops & yeast in providing innovative flavours for new product development (NPD), presented by brewing experts and consultants.

Professor Chris Boulton, from SABMiller, gave an interesting overview of the history & role of brewing yeast in the production of beer flavours and how they can modify flavours originating from other brewing ingredients, such as hops. Steve Price gave an entertaining account of what not to do in NPD, reliving his own experiences throughout his career with brewing giants Bass, Coors and Diageo and the pitfalls he encountered when running NPD trials so as to enlighten the younger brewers in the audience not to do the same!

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My presentation, entitled ‘Sensory & Consumer Intelligence’ spoke about the role of Sensory Science in brewing Quality Control and the way in which detailed Sensory analysis can help in the understanding of consumer research for new product development. I outlined how sensory methods are used in Breweries for Quality Control and process monitoring – but also covered how, when combined with consumer testing, sensory science can provide deeper insights into product drivers for consumer preference. I also demonstrated that by using an integrated approach through sensory, consumer testing, pack design, shopper behaviour and neuroscience, how sensory & consumer research can provide greater understanding of the complete customer experience to focus brand communication and ultimately, to optimise market share.

For more information on how sensory can help you to understand your product better, or to find out more about my Sensory & Consumer Intelligence presentation, I would be happy to come and talk you through, or you can contact me here.

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Dr Debbie Parker is a Sensory scientist (and Beer Sommelier) within the Product Testing Team 

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Article date - 24/06/2015
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