Insight Management Masters Degree, Coming Soon!

We’d like to do a quick shout out on behalf of our friends at the University of Winchester School of Business.


In September this year, the University of Winchester will be launching a new master degree course for Insight Management. This will be the first of its kind in the UK, so we are excited for it to be so close to our offices in Winchester city centre.

The duration of this new course will be 2 years, and will be studied on a part time basis. The course is designed for those already working in the market research and insight industry wanting to build on their knowledge & skills.

Insight, when used well, can be incredibly useful for businesses wherever they are in terms of size and regardless of sector & audience. Understanding not only how to get the best insight out of research, but also how to manage the way in which the wider business receives and uses insight is essential to insight teams.

To find out more, visit the Insight Management page.

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Jane Rudling
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Article date - 12/05/2015
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