iPods and walkmans: exploring the world of digital research

Market Research is not static, it is constantly changing and evolving – today’s iPod may be tomorrow’s walkman. 

For our latest instalment of our informal client workshop “Embracing the world of Digital Research” we upped sticks and setup shop at Creston HQ in London.

With a small number of our clients we set about focussing in on some key areas of new MR (online qual, mobile, social media, communities, eye tracking & neuroscience) in each case discussing how techniques in each area may be best applied (and when maybe they should not).

In each instance, as intended, we frequently went off piste, and into new realms of discussion from how much of a commitment there is in ‘liking’ a brand on Facebook to whether big agencies are driving the pace of the industry, and on the way visiting the merits of DIY research and ending up with the potential ethical issues the use of neuroscience may carry.

“I enjoyed the variety of topics, the mix of discussion & presentation, and the session on neuroscience” Lisa Hunt – Senior Consumer Insight Manager – Heinz 

Each of these workshops always generates new and interesting discussions and we would be keen to hear you take on this developing world of digital research, so until next time…

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Andy Myers
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Article date - 11/10/2012
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