Joining in the Santa Fun Run…

When I heard that Winchester had a charity Santa Fun Run, I positively jumped at the chance to take part. I mean, what could be better than running 5k on a Sunday morning in an over-sized Santa costume, the trousers of which have to be held up by elastic bands?

As we set off from Winchester High Street, there were Santas in front and behind as far as the eye could see. (Is there a collective noun for groups of Father Christmas’s?!) The cheering crowd seemed outnumbered, but were clearly enjoying the peculiar spectacle as they all had beaming faces and offered great support. Having not run for quite some time, I was apprehensive at running alongside my colleagues lest I be exposed as the least fit employee at Marketing Sciences. But, all of that went out of the window when the race started. I was running with Anna (Herron), and we adopted a steady pace allowing us to ultimately overtake quite a few flagging Father Christmas’s who started too quickly and were probably being overcome by the heat of the Santa suit, which included hat and beard. We both made it in what we considered to be a ‘respectable time and without stopping to walk’ – mission accomplished!  At no point though were we ever to match the great efforts of Ian Ralph, who made it in 18 minutes and achieved 2nd place overall.

Stu, Marta, Owen and Nick also all achieved great times, and all were thoroughly deserving of the large fried breakfast we treated ourselves to afterwards.

We managed to raise £300 for Naomi House Children’s Hospice which was a real bonus for what turned out to be a really enjoyable morning!   I can honestly say it was the easiest run I’ve done – purely because of the entertainment value you get from jogging alongside hundreds of other ‘Santas’.   I would fully recommend you take part in a fun run should the opportunity arise in a city near you!

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Laura Ablett
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Article date - 18/12/2013
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