Marketing Sciences acquires specialist neuroscience company

I’m delighted to announce that Marketing Sciences have acquired consumer neuroscience consultancy, Walnut Group, to strengthen our existing neuroscience offer to clients.

Dr Cristina de Balanzó, founder of Walnut Group and one of the country’s leading exponents of the measurement of the unconscious, will join forces with our very own Dr Andy Myers, to further strengthen our neuroscience offer across sensory, communications and product testing.  They will help our clients understand the emotional and subconscious aspects of consumer decision making and allow companies and brands to formulate strategies based on this understanding.

Andy & Cristina

We have long believed in the value of neuroscience in supporting and enriching traditional methods of research.  Bringing Walnut and Cristina on board makes us one of the strongest providers of neuroscience expertise in the UK and puts us at the cutting edge of development in this rapidly evolving methodology.  We want our clients to see the power of neuroscience and its ability to help shape effective strategies and add value to their campaigns.

We’re excited about working with Cristina who is passionate about her field: “Neuroscience helps make the connection between brand and brain.  Consumers often find it difficult to articulate their real emotions towards products and brands which can make it challenging for brand owners.  Neuroscience allows us to understand what underlies preferences and behaviours and provides compelling insight into the subconscious.  I’m thrilled to be joining a business that sees the true potential of neuroscience and is committed to its development across, not only market research, but other communication and marketing disciplines.  It really is a game changer.” 

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Jane Rudling
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Article date - 14/05/2014
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