Marketing Sciences hit 1 million interviews via Android Tablet!

Well, it seems like a life-time ago but how much things can change in a year!

In 2012 Marketing Sciences invested in Android Tablets for our F2F fieldforce around the UK. Transitioning our data collection for F2F seamlessly from paper questionnaires to tablet has seen a monumental shift in the efficiency, accuracy, speed and quality of our work.

We are always striving to ensure how we work is efficient and practical and at Marketing Sciences we believe strongly in innovation – both behind the scenes and in our client-facing practices.

We have around 1,000 IQCS interviewers working for us around the UK – and we rely on them heavily for in-store work, in-home interviews, qualitative recruitment, hall tests. As with any major data collection change (remember the days of changing telephone studies to online studies?) there are things to learn along the way and practices and guidelines to apply. A series of dual runs showed us (fortunately) that the data did not change by altering the collection technique.

We have learnt a lot in the transition from paper to tablet and it has been a lot of hard work. But it is worth it! We now are able to offer our clients a speedy, high quality face-to-face service. We are extremely proud to say that we are now one of the largest, best equipped f2f fieldforces in the UK. Our interviewers really got on board with the change and are now happily using their Android tablets for interviews following an extensive training roadshow taking us all over the UK including Northern Ireland.

We are proud of the work we do. We work with one of the UK largest retailers in carrying out over 100,000 interviews each month and this scale of research would not be possible without the innovations we have made in our data collection techniques.

And last week, on the 6th June we celebrated achieving our MILLIONTH interview on tablet. That’s a pretty impressive number, and equates to 386 trees saved by not printing paper questionnaires, which would have amounted to 16 tons of paper!

To celebrate we identified which of our interviewers had completed the MILLIONTH interview for us, and our Managing Director Jane and our Field Manager Annabel drove up to Birmingham today to surprise her with a bottle of champagne and flowers! Congratulations to Heather Korik who we surprised while she was doing exit interviews for us in Tesco Hall Green, in Solihull!

We are so proud of our achievement and would like to thank all of our staff, interviewers and supervisors for all of their hard work.

Sometimes, the best innovations are behind the scenes.

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Danni Findlay
01962 842211
Article date - 13/06/2013
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