Marketing Sciences – In the News (August)

Here’s an overview of where Marketing Sciences made the news in the summer of 2014.



As well as the return of warm weather, international football disappointment and BBQs to the UK, June also saw the arrival of Deborah Hall as a new Associate Director of our retail division. Deborah brings a wealth of experience in previous roles including Head of Market Research at Tesco and more recently, Customer Insight Partner at B&Q. As you may have read on Market Research World or MrWeb, Deborah will help lead Marketing Sciences in our research of shopper behaviour.



Three games, one point and a paltry two goals later, England’s hopes of World Cup glory faded faster than a line of vanishing spray. Luckily, Marketing Sciences stepped up with a busy few weeks of features to fill the void.

July saw four members of our team appear in a variety of publications giving their valued insight into on range of research topics.

Anna Herron, our Director of product testing gave her views in Footprint Magazine with an article on consumer awareness of artificial vs natural additives in food and drinks. If you don’t know your Stevia from your Splenda, then it is a very insightful read. Anna also appeared in the Grocer with her recent research on the subject, which revealed that 38% of consumers say they actively avoid food and drink containing artificial sweeteners (up from 31% in 2012).

Director Ian Ralph was featured in The Times giving an insight into his knowledge of Wearable Technology. Technophobes can relax however as this technology refers to ‘Smartwatches’, with full Robocop attire still in the distant future.

Still on the subject of Smart technology, Research Director Richard Snoxell graced the pages of NFC World with all kinds of insight and statistics relating to his research into the Mobile Wallet. “Aren’t wallets already mobile!?” I hear you cry. Well yes, but these allow us to pay for items in-store with the touch of a button on our phone or watch. No more worrying about having left my purse at home then…

Last but not least, our head of Packaging and Design, Chris Peach was again featured in Packaging News. Here he gave his thoughts on the role of ‘Shelf ready packaging’ and its benefit to the brand.

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