Marketing Sciences – In the News (January)

We are only a month into the New Year and there has already been a quite a lot of talk about us in the news. Below are some of the snippets…

Last year as the horsemeat scandal broke, we interviewed over 2,000 UK consumers to measure the impact this was having on consumer shopping habits and attitudes towards meat. Our research found that 1 in 2 consumers would actively try to avoid the products involved in the scandal. A year on, we decided to see what consumers currently thought and the results were picked up by the Meats Trade Journal about the long term effects on consumers attitudes. Based on our most recent survey, consumer awareness is still very high (95% up 5% from last year) however avoidance of the products involved in the scandal has dropped to 28%. Are consumers starting to pardon the brands that were involved?

Following completing our 1 millionth interview on tablet, Danni Findlay, our Retail and Shopper Board Director wrote an article for MrWeb on our learnings over the past two years as we have been switching from paper based questionnaires. As well as allowing us to turn round data more quickly, they’ve also had the added benefit of helping us get more creative – we can now easily show respondents video, voice recordings and images to make surveys more engaging.

Chris Peach, our packaging guru, has been featured in Packaging News discussing priorities in pack design and whether in-store communication or in-home functionality should be the priority. Chris’ advice to designers is to develop packs that tick both boxes. Using his own words ‘If a pack doesn’t communicate effectively in-store then it will never make it to the shelf and into home, however if a pack isn’t functional people simply won’t use the product’. You can read the full article in January’s Packaging News (print edition).

Chris has also been featured in January’s The Grocer in an article discussing why the food industry is not making packaging easier to open: ‘A Bad Wrap: The open and shut case for easy-open packs’. In Chris’ experience brands might shy away from designing an easy to open pack not only because it’s not always financially viable but also because it presents a considerable risk to perceptions of quality. In the food industry, packaging that is easier to open can sometime reduce consumers’ impressions of freshness, which in turn can negatively impact the brand.

Earlier this month, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of The Research Alliance (TRA), Keith wrote an article for Research World on our recent collaboration with other TRA members to find out how the word of market research has changed in the past 20 years and what we can expect in the future. The verdict? The biggest change has been technology innovation which has had a huge impact on business practices – think real time data capturing and the different range of reporting tools that are available to us to name a few. According to respondents, success in the next 20 years will depend on the industry’s ability to embrace technological change and the challenges it presents.

On the 23rd January we sponsored the first MRS Creativity Lab on a topic very dear to us – The Power of Science. The event has been a great success and has given us the opportunity to listen to thought provoking speakers and reflect collectively on the use of science, psychology & data to decode the world.

If you want to know more about any of the topics above, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

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Article date - 31/01/2014
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