The Green Team – Carbon Smart Workshop

At Marketing Sciences Unlimited, we are keen to do our bit of the environment. Justine, the head of our Green Team, talks through our latest efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and be an environmentally friendly company.

When Winchester City Council invited Marketing Sciences Unlimited to attend a Carbon Smart workshop to help us to move towards being carbon neutral and more environmentally responsible, we jumped at the chance. We are always keen to be as environmentally friendly as possible and willing to learn new tips.

I attended the Carbon Smart workshop last year and since then we have completed the Carbon Smart Action Plan and Environmental Policy. We have been awarded the Blue Carbon Smart certification which, most companies start at.

Carbon Smart Blue Certificate

On receiving our certificate, I have introduced ways we can reduce our carbon footprint and work in a more environmentally responsible way. For example…

  • The ‘BIG SWITCH OFF’ experiment where we switched off everything possible at the plug for a week. By looking at how our energy consumption changed, we now ‘SWITCH OFF’ every Friday evening for the weekend
  • ‘Think before you print’ communications to make sure we only print essentials
  • Encouraging more recycling by replacing under desk bins with central recycling points on all floors
  • Using ethical products when appropriate

Our biggest environmental impact is business travel (it would have been paper usage before introducing the tablets), so we have been implementing ways we can address this without compromising on the excellent service we provide to our clients. We already have a Cycle-to-Work scheme which has been popular with our employees. For the majority of employees who drive use the Park and Ride or park on the outskirts of Winchester and walk in, and a good proportion use public transport to commute to/from work.

We always consider car sharing or using public transport for business travel when appropriate and use route planner to drive the most economical routes. So what else can we do? Carbon Smart suggested more conference calls, or skyping our clients for non-essential face-to-face meetings and for all heavy travellers to attend ‘eco driving’ courses to achieve a higher mileage to lower fuel usage ratio. So watch this space, just subtle changes will add up to make a big difference and collectively we will help contribute to a thriving future.

Environmentally friendly working

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Justine Boston
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Article date - 28/04/2015
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