Marketing Sciences go Unlimited…

Creston plc, Marketing Sciences’ parent group, has today announced the creation of Creston Unlimited. This new agency brand and group offer unlocks the power of creative collaboration to seize the endless opportunities that exist for brands and businesses in today’s rapidly-evolving world.

With a shared creative philosophy, common tools and the promise of unlimited thinking at its core, Creston Unlimited brings together consultants and discipline experts from across the Creston group and beyond. Through this, our clients gain access to a diverse and complementary range of integrated technology, brand and consultancy services: from advertising and PR, through social and digital marketing to the latest research, insight and tech innovation

As part of the launch, we have become Marketing Sciences Unlimited.

Marketing Sciences Unlimited and all of our sister companies will continue to operate as standalone businesses offering their individual expertise and servicing clients in their core markets, while playing a full part in Creston Unlimited.   We will continue to use our research experts to bring our clients clear direction through clever thinking, supported by new ideas and innovative solutions. Our clients will also benefit from a wider group of experts who can work on your projects helping you gain a competitive advantage.

Barrie Brien, CEO, Creston plc: “Today’s brands operate in a dynamic marketplace; one which offers them endless possibilities to engage and interact with their customers and other stakeholders.  We have created Creston Unlimited to help our clients gain competitive advantage and power growth.”

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We look forward to seeing where these unlimited opportunities and endless possibilities can take us!  If you have any questions about Creston Unlimited and what it means for Marketing Sciences then please do contact me on

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Article date - 18/11/2014
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