Marketing Sciences winning at the Green Apple Awards Ceremony 2014

Following on from the announcement of our Green Apple Award win in August (see We are Green Apple Award Winners 2014 Blog),  Jenny and I went along to the awards presentation at the Houses of Parliament to find out which award we had won.

Monday got off to a great start this week, as Jenny and I headed off to the Houses of Parliament to collect our Green Apple Award, to recognise our achievements in environmental best practice.  Following our application for the award in June and the news that we had won an award in August, we had been looking forward to finding out which award we had won, as well as getting a chance to see inside the Houses of Parliament!

Arriving at the Houses of Parliament, we were struck by how impressive the building was, and our excitement built as we made our way through the grand hallways, bumping into Lords and Politicians.  The awards themselves were held in the Treasury Marquee on the Thames side of the building, with a brilliant view of the Southbank and London Eye.  Whilst we waited for everyone to arrive we enjoyed tea and sandwiches (in the Houses of Parliament!), and our anticipation was sky high.

Following the tea and sandwiches, the awards presentation began.  We learnt that around 500 companies entered, and saw many well-known companies such as Marks & Spencer, DHL, Hewlett Packard, BAT, and Westfield shopping centres go up to collect their awards. Then Marketing Sciences was called out…we were bronze award winners in the Media category! We proudly went up to receive our Green Apple Award and certificate and had our photos taken.  The anticipation was finally over and we were very proud winners.  All that was left to do now was wander slowly back through the Houses of Parliament to soak up the atmosphere (with a quick stop in the gift shop), and take our award back to our colleagues in Winchester.


DSC_0791Jenny & Justine_GreenApple

We want to say a huge congratulations to everyone in Marketing Sciences who was involved in the award-winning initiative to win our award at the Green Apple Awards. Here at Marketing Sciences we are always looking at other ways to reduce our carbon footprint so if you have any suggestions, please get in touch!

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Article date - 14/11/2014
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