Marketing Sciences Goes to the Zoo

It’s been suggested that a change of scenery can do wonders for creative thinking.  So where better a place to get our creative juices flowing for a company-wide challenge (and to celebrate the end of a successful financial year), than somewhere stimulating, engaging and ‘wild’? That’s right, we went to the zoo.

The day started with an hour or two in the office, managing emails and ensuring everything was in hand in anticipation of our day out. There was definitely a sense of excitement in the air for the day ahead and everyone was keen to find out exactly what was in store for the day. Before we knew it, the carpooling had begun and we found ourselves en route to Marwell Zoo.

The outing started nicely with refreshments (the failsafe way to put a smile on anyone in Marketing Sciences) followed by updates from the Directors on various topics, including a review of the previous financial year. Once all updates had been wrapped up, we were rather mysteriously given a sticker with our name and one of seven popular animals. We put ourselves into groups with those of the same species and soon learned that we were to undertake a ‘Dragons’ Den’ style challenge.

Each group was allocated a ‘brief’ developed by each of our very own Dragons (aka the Directors) and we were tasked with addressing the business issue they had presented us with. As each group was formed from a mix of researchers, data processing, field, multimedia and accounts, we all pooled our knowledge in order to be able to develop an offering for the Dragons which would address their hypothetical business issue.

After some initial brainstorming, the majority spent the afternoon exploring the zoo and its various inhabitants. Everyone had been set a side quest, as it were, to get the best ‘selfie’ with one of the animas. Despite requests to climb into the animal enclosures being declined by the more health and safety conscious members of the team, everyone threw themselves into the task, resulting in an array of selfies with lions, meerkats, penguins to name just a few.

 Zoo picture

It was a fun-filled and highly productive day which allowed us to combine the best of everyone’s skills. And we got to see a number of adorable creatures, which is never a bad thing in my book.

Watch this space for feedback on the final pitches to the Dragons!


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Frances Lyon
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Article date - 03/04/2014
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