Meet the Client – Alison Whiteley (Tesco)
Alison Whiteley

Name: Alison Whiteley
Position: Marketing Manager
Length of time in role: 5 years
Company: Tesco

Tell us about your role: I work in the market research team in Tesco and my job is to look after all the customer research that we do on the shopping trip. This includes what customers like / dislike about shopping in our stores, how this compares to shopping in our competitors, and understanding what we can do to make the shopping trip better for customers. I spend a fair amount of my time writing a regular report about the shopping trip and answering queries from our stakeholders who want to understand the information in the report. I also run ad hoc projects where we will look at a particular aspect of the shopping trip in more detail (for example, accompanied shops with people using our Scan As You Shop facility to understand how it can be improved)

How did you get into this job: I used to be a research scientist but having experiments fail on a weekly basis was very demoralising and I decided to have a change in career. I got a job as an analyst in Tesco through a recruitment agency, which I did for 3 years before moving to a role in market research

What do you most enjoy about your job: Learning new and interesting things about our customers that I didn’t expect

What 3 things could you/your department not do without: A good team spirit, a sense of humour and support from our senior managers

If you weren’t a Market Researcher/working in MR, what would you be: I’d run a tea shop and bake nice cakes!

What do you like most about working with Marketing Sciences: I love working with Marketing Sciences because they are a great team, who are all really friendly and eager to help in any way they can

What separates us from the rest: The team are so responsive to queries, which is absolutely essential when I have a difficult stakeholder wanting to understand why their particular area is not doing as well as usual

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Article date - 05/02/2014
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