Meet the client: Elisabeth Mary (O2)

Name: Elisabeth Mary

Position: Senior Research Lead

Length of time in role: One year

Company: O2

Liz Mary_picture

Tell us about your role: what you do, what’s your typical day: I run the Consumer Research team within the wider Research team at O2, which is about 20 people strong; we’re very lucky to have such a great resource for insights but the appetite for our output is also very great across the business, so we’re all very busy!  I have four fantastic people in my team and we share the same passion for research – albeit not any research. We like research that can really make a difference and have an impact. Our focus is two-fold: (1) Get deep under the skin of the customer to get to the real drivers of behaviour and (2) Inform the development of successful and differentiated propositions for O2 across its P&Ls. This means we use a wide variety of research methodologies and are always on the look-out for new techniques and approaches that can take us beyond the obvious, post-rationalised view.

Our days are very full with meetings and calls with our stakeholders and partner agencies. We also like to have fun and ensure we stay in touch with the customer and the tech ourselves! We recently organised a team trip to the O2 Store of the Future in Westfield where we all tried some VR goggles.

O2 store of future

How did you get into this job: I started in research many years ago (too many!) as a telephone interviewer, then learnt the ropes in an agency environment for five years before I joined the global insights team at Nokia where I spent seven years working on NPD research primarily. I also spent a couple of years as Head of Insights at the Rank Group researching bingo players and casino goers. O2 contacted me directly on LinkedIn for this job and I just couldn’t turn them down!

What do you most enjoy about your job: O2 are a truly customer-centric brand which means that the insights that we deliver have a genuine impact on the decisions made.

What 3 things could you/your department not do without: 1. A great leader (for the whole team, not talking about me!) who helps steer the insights function and reminds those who see us as a support function that we’re thought leaders. 2. The ability to work under pressure. 3. A great sense of humour (and ability to not take ourselves too seriously!).

If you weren’t a market researcher, what would you be: My childhood dream was to become a horse-riding instructor!

Tell us something nobody knows about you: I climbed the second summit of the Pyrenees – Pico Posets in Spain – when I was 15. I now suffer from terrible vertigo so good thing I did it back then!

Pico Posets Pyrrenees

What do you like most about working with Marketing Sciences: You have a great team of research experts in place and a well-rounded portfolio of services in all areas of research. I also happen to know two senior members of your team very well, having worked with one at RS Consulting and the other at Nokia, and they are incredibly talented researchers!

What separates us from the rest: Your neuro credentials are very strong; we’re using implicit reaction time testing in one of our concept tests soon for the first time and I cannot wait to see the results! Whilst I don’t see neuro by itself answering my research briefs in the future, I am a true believer in its ability to add another critical layer to our comprehension of customer behaviour.

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Article date - 15/03/2016
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