Meet the Client: Gillian Duncan (Tesco Bank)

Name: Gillian DuncanIMG_0400
Position: Customer Insight Manager
Length of time in role: 1½ years
Company: Tesco Bank


Tell us about your role: I work in the Customer Insight team at Tesco Bank and am the main insight contact for my colleagues in the Credit Card and Current Account Teams. My role is to generate research and information to ensure these business areas within the Bank understand what matters to customers and that they have a clear idea on what they need to take action on to make things better for customers. This means that I run research projects on a wide variety of topics ranging from the development of new products to how effective marketing messages are and what Point of Sale material works best for Tesco Bank in-store. I also spend a lot of my time pulling together the key customer themes emerging across the wide range of research projects we run across the team and feeding these into our annual customer review.

How did you get into this job: I’ve worked in research and insight roles all of my career with experience in FMCG, Retail and Finance. When the role at Tesco Bank came up the idea of understanding what Tesco means in finance from a customer perspective really appealed to me.  I was working in a Shopper Insight role for a major drinks company and was intrigued to explore how the world of shopper research could perhaps bring something fresh to finance.

What do you most enjoy about your job: Unearthing the essence of what drives the needs, motivations and behaviours of our customers and using this as a springboard for idea generation.

What 3 things could you/your department not do without: A positive outlook, a sense of fun and limitless curiosity.

If you weren’t a Market Researcher/working in MR, what would you be: I’d be a Mountain Guide and teaching meditation!

What do you like most about working with Marketing Sciences: I love working with Marketing Sciences because the team are so helpful and proactive. Nothing is too much trouble and they always go the extra mile to support me.

What separates us from the rest: Working on a project just feels effortless as the team understand our needs so well. I have complete trust that they will deliver insightful results that challenge our thinking.

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Article date - 05/02/2015
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