Meet the Client: Shalini Patel (Krispy Kreme)

Name: Shalini Patel

Length of time in role: 2.5yrs

Position: Marketing Manager

Company: Krispy Kreme

Shalini Patel - Krispy Kreme

Tell us about your role: what you do, what’s your typical day: I look after the Marketing for our UK business, specifically focusing on our Off Premise business (our estate of c. 650 cabinets at Tesco, Service Stations, Centre Parks and Costco). The role involves understanding the customer needs within each channel and tailoring our offer, range, communications and promotions to be as relevant as possible to our customers. I also help to brief and introduce new doughnut flavours, getting feedback and of course doing a few taste tests along the way!

How did you get into this job: I started on the graduate scheme at Tesco in Corporate Marketing and worked there for 4 years before joining Krispy Kreme.

What do you most enjoy about your job: I love the variety I get with such a broad role. Every day is extremely different and working on a huge range of things means I never get bored! I also work in a team of incredibly lovely people and this makes every day even better.

What 3 things could you/your department not do without: Creativity, fun and a love for doughnuts!

If you weren’t a Market Researcher/working in MR, what would you be: I’d love to be a hotel critic and stay in lots of amazing hotels all around the world…but back to reality.

What do you like most about working with Marketing Sciences Unlimited: They are so willing to help and offer advice.

What separates us from the rest: The team I have worked with are always so approachable, happy to offer suggestions and improvements and extremely pro-active and quick to respond.

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Article date - 07/04/2016
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