Meet the Client – Victoria Tse (Iglo)

Vicotria Tse
Name: Victoria Tse

Position: Category Insights Analyst

Company: Iglo (Also known as Birds Eye in the UK!)

Length of time in role: 7 months

Brief description about your role: I manage ad hoc market research projects on kids’ fish and poultry categories

What you enjoy most about your role: Developing new concepts and seeing them through until they get to supermarkets’ shelves

Three things your dept couldn’t do without: Spreadsheets, debriefs and good coffee!

What you like best about working with Marketing Sciences: The people. I am a big people person and Marketing Sciences are my favourite agency to work with! Always ever so helpful and go the extra mile to help and to deliver

What separates us from the rest: Extremely reliable, I am confident that you will always do a good job – as the people are great to work with!

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Article date - 04/04/2014
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